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Gooney-new plane from rcrcm

Gooney-new plane from rcrcm

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  • Port: Qingdao
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Product Details
  • Size:  100*12*35
  • Place of Origin:  Jinan Shandong
  • Brand Name:  RCRCM
  • Model Number:  Gooney
  • Weight: 4.500 kg

RCRCM 1.5m Wingspan RC Flying wing Glider - Gooney

Preferences                   Motorless

Wingspan:                       1518mm

Length:                            752mm

Wing area:                      41.3dm2

Flying Weight:                 1.4kg

Empty Weight:                Glass Carbon Standard 998g, Full carbon 1160g.

CG:Center of Gravity    66-70 mm from leading edge

Flying wings have always been special and attractive models. The Gooney no exception to the rule. This is

a flying wing with pleasant forms of 1, 50m wingspan. Flying is fun and you find yourself taking it to each 

output to the slope. Wonderful companion that will follow you easily with removable wings. Have fun!


Available in 4 Versions:

Fiberglass Carbon Standard Version: Standard hollow molded fiberglass construction reinforced with

carbon fiber which gives adequate stiffness and torsion stability with lower weigh and cost. 

Highly recommended for sport flying. 

Full Carbon Version: Wings built using full carbon cloth as well as fuselage reinforced with carbon from 

leading edge of the wing to the tail. This configuration gives the model enormous stiffness and torsion 


The first two versions are available in stock. Besides, we have Light Carbon Version(less weight)

 and Double Carbon Version(with two pieces of carbon cloth to reinforce), the last two versions 

are customized.

  • Size:  100*12*35
  • Place of Origin:  Jinan Shandong
  • Brand Name:  RCRCM
  • Model Number:  Gooney
  • Weight: 4.500 kg
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